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                              熱門關鍵詞: 電磁爐 電陶爐 雙頭爐 電壓力鍋

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                               Factory Pictures

                              About Us

                              Zhongshan Jinge  Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.located in Zhongshan
                              city,Guangdong Province ,China .We are specializing in manufacturing
                              of Induction Cooker, Infrared Cooker, Mini Electric Pressure Cooker, and IH Rice

                              Our overseas customers are from Japan, South of Korea, Vietnam,Thailand,
                              Bangladesh and so on, China domestic OEM brand Changhong, Xiaoxiong ,etc.
                              With more than 15 years experience in this area, we are enjoying very high
                              reputation in China domestic market and overseas market.

                              All of  our products have achieved China Electrical Products 3C certification, and
                              most of our products have achieved CB, CE and KC International Safety
                              certificate.We maintain a good reputation for well-designed products and
                              wholehearted after-sales service.

                              We deeply believe that our high quality can support you to win your market and
                              build our long-term cooperation.

                              If you are interested in our products, please keep in touch with us. You are warmly
                              welcome to visit our company.


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